CNC فائبر لیزر کاٹنے کا سامان اعلی معیار کی صنعتی پتلی دھات کی پلیٹ۔

لیزر کاٹنے کا سامان

مصنوعات کی وضاحت

مصنوعات کی درخواست

Widely used for metal sheet processing, advertising trademark, advertising character,
high/low voltage electrical cabinet, mechanism parts, kitchenware, cars, mechanical, metal craftwork, saw blade,
electronic parts, eyeglasses, spring, circuit board, kettle, medical microelectronics, hard ware,
knives tool, measurement, instrument, etc.


Advance double driving system structure, Dual driving force from high precision driving method.
Top standard gear, rack and guide rail, no need maintenance, high speed and efficiency.
Components from world famous suppliers, Panasonic,Yaskawa,YYC,Simens,Precite,etc.
Environmental working medium, screen out radiation harm. Ensure green and safer working circumstance.
Quality assurance, long warranty. various warranty plan for you to choose.
Professional and fast respond service mechanism, door to door after-sale service, free 24/7 online technical support and before-sale technical consultation.

نمونے کاٹنے

Laser cutting parts are high precised smooth processed and no need secondary processing which is promote your working effecticy and save the cost much.

لیزر برانڈ
لیزر طاقت
کام کرنے کی جگہ
رفتار کاٹنے
25 منٹ / منٹ
موٹائی کاٹنا۔

0.2-10mm mild steel,0-6mm stainless steel,

0-3mm Aluminum ,0-2mm Copper sheet,   0-3mm galvanized sheet
X Y axis Positioning accuracy
X Y axis Repeatability
زیادہ سے زیادہ چلنے والی رفتار۔
40m/min  max
CNC system
Shanghai  Lasercut
Max Table loading weight
Gantry Machine sturcture
Cooling unit
China Brand
لیزر سر
America Laser Mech
Torch THC
China Brand
Servo system
1500W Panasonic Dual drive
Gear box
Japan Shimpo
Ball-screw & Linear guide
Taiwan Hiwin
Electronic control box
China Honeybee


Name: Laser head

Brand: Laser Mech

Original: America

Original from USA ,reliable quality

Name:Fiber Laser source
Brand: SPI 1000W
Original: United Kingdom
Record wall-plug efficiency
Excellent reliability
Excellent single mode beam quality
Negligible beam pointing
Stable beam quality in full power range
Direct modulation in kHz range
Very low cost

Name: Servo motor system
Original from Janapan,world brand to make sure the reliable working ablity ,strong driving force, high effective

Name:Machine strcture
Brand: Honeybee
اصل: چین۔
8 mm - 20 mm steel, square steel frame is entirely welded (4tons), annealing, fine milling processing, 850 degrees high temperature thermal aging treatment, ensure in 20 years.
High frequency integrated circuit with constant temperature and constant humidity air conditioning to ensure equipment use longer and work more stable.

فوری تفصیلات

درخواست: لیزر کاٹنے
حالت: نیا۔
لیزر کی قسم: فائبر لیزر۔
قابل اطلاق مواد: دھات۔
موٹائی کاٹنا: 0-8 ملی میٹر۔
Cutting Area:3000x1500mm
رفتار کاٹنے: 25 م / منٹ۔
CNC یا نہیں: ہاں۔
کولنگ موڈ: واٹر کولنگ
کنٹرول سوفٹ ویئر: سائپکٹ۔
تائید شدہ گرافک شکل: DWG ، DXF ، DXP
نکالنے کا مقام: آنہوئی ، چین (مینلینڈ)
برانڈ نام: ACCURL
Certification: CCC, CE
فروخت کے بعد سروس فراہم کردہ: بیرون ملک خدمات انجام دینے والی مشینری کو دستیاب انجینئر۔
Name: industrial thin metal plate cutting cnc fiber laser cutting equipment
Laser Brand: SPI
Laser power: 1000W(Option 300W/300W/700W/800W/1000W/2000W/6000W)
Cutting speed: 0-25m/min
Moving speed: 0-40m/min


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