1000W میٹل سی این سی کاٹنے والی فائبر لیزر مشین۔

لیزر مشین

مصنوعات کی درخواست

Applied materials of فائبر لیزر کاٹنے والی مشین:
Cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, picking board, aluminum zinc plate, copper and many kinds of metal materials cutting and so on.

Applied Industries of فائبر لیزر کاٹنے والی مشین:
شیٹ میٹل پروسیسنگ ، ہوا بازی ، اسپیس فلائٹ ، الیکٹرانکس ، بجلی کے آلات ، سب وے پارٹس ، آٹوموبائل ، مشینری ، صحت سے متعلق اجزاء ، بحری جہاز ، میٹالرجیکل سامان ، لفٹ ، گھریلو ایپلائینسز ، تحائف اور دستکاری ، آلے کی پروسیسنگ ، زینت ، اشتہار ، دھات کی غیر ملکی پروسیسنگ مختلف پروسیسنگ صنعتوں کی تیاری.

2mm stainless steel cutting sample & 10mm steel cutting sample

Details of laser cutting machine:

لیزر ہیڈ
Brand: Lasermech
Original: America
Famous laser head for metal cutting. Easy to operate and with nice working performance.
Meantime, domestic and Germany laser head are optional, Worthing, Preste, Precitec, etc.

لیزر ذریعہ
Brand: Raycus
Original: Domestic
The best performand and the most famouse laser source in China. Popular used with its nice performance.
Germany IPG, America Nlight are optional.

Servo driver and motors
Brand: Servo motor
اصل: جاپان
Famous servo driver and motors in the world, and widely used in the industry machine. With its stability and working accuracy. 4 sets totally.
Germany Beckhoff, other imported servo driver and motors are optional.

کنٹرول سسٹم
Brand: Cypcut
Original: Germany
Domestic famous control system for metal cutting. Working stability, widely used and ease operate. USA PA8000, Germany Beckhoff are optional.

Up-Down worktable

Enable put and down your heavy metal more easier.
To protects metal sheets away from the scratch by the sawtooth, and keep your materials and products clean enough.

DSP controller

DSP controller is clear and easy to operate, even there is some distance from the fiber cutting machine.

Double driver Rail Guide and Gear

To keep the machine working
stability and accuracy, we equipped the machine with double drive square rail guide and gears.

Automatic oil-lubricating

Equipped with automatic
oil-lubricating system. It is more easier and better to operate and maintenance the machine.

ہماری خدمت
* نمونے کی جانچ کی حمایت.
* Training how to instal the machine
* Training how to use the machine.
* بیرون ملک سروس مشینری کو دستیاب انجینئر۔
* Lifetime technical support and service by free

بنیادی معلومات
Laser Technology: Laser Fusion Cutting
Working Area: 1500*3000mm
Laser Brand: Raycus /Ipg /Nlight
Laser Power: 1000W
Working Table: Sawtooth with up-Down Worktable
Control System: Cypcut Contriol System and Software
Drive System: Japan Servo Driver and Motors
Cutting Speed: Max. 80m/Min
Cutting Accuracy: 0.01mm
Guide Rail: Taiwan Hiwin Linear Rail Guide
وارنٹی: 2 سال۔
ٹریڈ مارک: ACCURL
Transport Package: Veneer Case
Specification: 4.5*1.88*2.25m
نکالنے کا مقام: چین۔
HS کوڈ: 8456110090۔